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Anonymous Proxy Russia. Suitable for all services - pure IP from different subnets.
Class: LUX.
Protocol: IPv4.
Login: Username / Password.
Rate 1 Gb / s.
Additional Information:
Proxies are located on a physical dedicated server 1U Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor Quad Core X5650 / 48Гб RAM RAM with a port speed of 1 Gbps is the best solution, where you need the maximum load and huge speed.
Immediately after payment you receive all the necessary information for proxy authorization.
Terms of Service
- After the purchase, you can not refuse the goods.
- There are no tests.
- Check the proxy in any browser, but not with programs and checkers to check the proxy. We do not take responsibility for third-party software.

With the "Terms of Service" is acquainted and agree.
25.11.2017 9:00:05
плохо потому что прокси закончили свою коректную работу раньше срока
14.11.2017 6:59:56
Купленные прокси работают безотказно. Я очень доволен качеством и надёжностью предлагаемых товаров! Теперь за проксями только сюда!!!
03.10.2017 22:06:08
Беру второй раз, все отлично. Все прокси живут 100% своего времени.

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