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Lightning fast after payment, you get a unique key to activate the game Metro 2033 Redux Complete (Steam) in STEAM.


Release date: August 29, 2014
Age rating: 18+
Developer: 4A GAMES
Publisher: Deep Silver
Publisher of the Russian Federation:
Localization: All in Russian
Activation system: Steam
Region: Russia, CIS
"Metro 2033. Return" - a collection of two updated games on the cult novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

"Metro 2033" completely rebuilt for the new version of the engine 4A Engine, which was used in Metro 2033: Ray of Hope. You will see improved lighting, dynamic weather conditions, updated effects of destruction, smoke, fire, particles. Characters will acquire more detailed textures and smooth animation.

"Metro 2033: Ray of Hope" will also receive a number of improvements, including a new hand-to-hand combat animation and the fans expected "look at the clock" and "check backpack" features. In addition, the updated version of the game includes all the add-ons that came out for Metro 2033: Ray of Hope.

New ways to play:

Both versions included in the "Return" collection include two new game modes: "Survival" and "Spartan". The first mode allows you to play any of the games in the style of "Survival Horror": recharging is slower, enemies are more dangerous, and resources are limited. The "Spartan" mode makes the game more like "Ray of Hope" - the battles are more balanced, and resources are more common.
The "Ranger" mode is available in both games and can be used in conjunction with "Survival" and "Spartan". Thus, you have as many as 4 options for each game!
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01.03.2018 23:25:20
отлично две игрули за копейки
22.02.2018 16:08:44
Все хорошо, спасибо.
20.02.2018 20:09:56
Ключ пришел сразу
24.01.2018 19:46:26
Спасибо! ключ получил сразу! рекомендую!
12.01.2018 21:39:12
Ключи получил, все работает.
09.01.2018 16:57:59
01.01.2018 21:05:30
Ключи активировались, все хорошо.
31.12.2017 17:57:09
Все пришло, спасибо.
30.12.2017 22:18:17
Дешевле не найти!
27.12.2017 14:56:20
Всё пришло! Дёшево и без обмана;))
27.12.2017 1:31:34
Все отлично. Рекомендую.
25.12.2017 23:37:37
Всё работает.
25.12.2017 19:25:58
Все отлично. Хочу подарок.
24.12.2017 19:52:54
22.12.2017 2:12:37
20.12.2017 11:40:20
Молодец хорошо все !!
16.12.2017 17:58:20
Спасибо всё пришло!
15.12.2017 20:13:12
09.12.2017 23:16:48
04.12.2017 17:55:00
good seller. красаучег)

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