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For 500 rubles you will receive within a month 2,000 unique visitors a day to your VKontakte group.
With the help of this service, gradually your VKontakte team will be able to enter the TOP-10 in the search.
This is the easiest and most affordable way to promote.

Perhaps you noticed that in the search for VKontakte some groups with a small number of participants are on high positions. How does it work out?
The secret is very simple - the position of the group in the search is affected by the number of unique visitors per day.
We offer a service - unique visitors to the group.
You can use the service unlimited number of times - preferably every day.
With our help, you will significantly increase the flow of customers. In a few weeks you will notice that the group is gradually rising in search.
23.02.2018 3:22:33
Все отлично, спасибо!
24.11.2017 21:41:15
Реально работает.Первые две недели вообще хорошо,потом поток людей немного меньше.За месяц пришло 600 подписчиков
11.11.2017 22:43:19
Заказал на две группы. Пока все отлично.