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This is a virtual prepaid card, designed exclusively for purchases on the Internet; The card is a complete analogue of conventional plastic, but only in electronic form. A payment card does not have a physical carrier and is a set of essential elements required for any payment card required for convenient and secure payments exclusively on the Internet.

The virtual card is issued on the basis of international payment systems MasterCard or Visa.
Considering the growing demand for payments on the Internet, we offer a product that provides online operations. "Virtual Card" provides an opportunity to quickly get a tool for convenient and secure payments for goods and services on the Internet
Bank: ukraine
Self-replenishing card: NO
3D Secure Technology: NO
Conversion to any currency: YES (consider possible bank commission!)
Statement and balance: YES
15.09.2017 17:33:56
Покупал несколько раз, все отлично !
14.09.2017 14:31:07
Все супер. Продавец отличный!