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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW to ISSUE the ORDER:

1. In the upper right corner of the page it is necessary to enter quantity of coins necessary to you (1k = 1000) or the purchase amount, then to choose the payment method suitable you and to press the PURCHASE button. Further follow instructions of the website.

2. After you paid goods you receive a unique code which I need to report without fail (without this code, I will not be able to deliver you a coin, t. to this code is confirmation of your payment) If you lost a code - you will be able to find it on email which you specified upon purchase.

3. After the two first points, I will provide you instructions for exposure of players to the transfer market.
As a rule delivery of coins happens up to 10 minutes (everything depends on quantity of coins, and on the buyer:))---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Having leftattentiona positive review I will cover the commission in 5% (which take away EA) - it is desirable to leave a comment at once after purchase/attentionP:S: (how to leave a positive review)
On the in the section "My Purchases", you specify the email which you issued purchase further choose goods (in our case of FIFA 18 Coin), and you leave a comment in the bottom of the page

How do we work?
You buy coins n-quantity
(For example - 100 000)
Further I give you instructions, how many players and on what the prices need to expose players (not important what quality the player whether bronze, whether gold)
Business in us is farther - we redeem your players - and you receive the coins, and good mood:)
You have to us questions - safely write, we will answer all questions posed
Example of the message which you have to write me after purchase:
1. Unique commodity code (16th-place code)
2. Exact quantity of coins which you purchased the order in 30k (means it is necessary to expose 4 players, for example with the prices 1600-7600 on 3 h)
3. Contents have to be such B33E2567VD26758, 3 players (the starting price 1600, to purchase now 7600 for 3 hours)

Having left a positive review you receive + 5% of coins free of charge + if you buy 2 times at us of a coin, you receive a discount of 5% on a promo code
Delivery of coins from 1 minutes to 60 minutes. (everything depends on time of day)
Also we execute night orders
Contacts for communication with me: (contacts of Skype and the telegram are specified there)
Or internal chat of
16.07.2018 18:43:46
Все класс!
16.07.2018 16:11:23
Отличный продавец, лучший курс
14.07.2018 22:04:42
Отличный продавец! Рекомендую!
14.07.2018 16:20:00
Хороший продавец, рекомендую всем!
13.07.2018 22:53:39
Третий раз покупаю,Лучший продавец монет!Советую
13.07.2018 22:17:21
все супер)))
12.07.2018 23:16:17
Уже дважды покупал у этого продавца! Приятные покупки, потому как всё быстро, качественно и надёжно, а самое главное - курс просто СУПЕР!!! Всем рекомендую настоятельно!!!
11.07.2018 15:27:23
Лучший продавец! Спасибо!!!
07.07.2018 18:26:05
Отличный продавец!
06.07.2018 22:42:37
Всё отлично, за небольшую задержку получил компенсацию, рекомендую
06.07.2018 14:47:37
Были некоторые неполадки по времени, но в целом все хорошо и надежно. Плюс продавец дал бонус)
06.07.2018 12:00:26
Супер, комиссию покрыл, всё быстро доставил
05.07.2018 22:14:39
все хорошо прошло)
05.07.2018 17:05:25
Все прошло отлично, а главное быстро!) Спасибо!
04.07.2018 12:03:10
Монеты получил в течение 10 минут, покупаю у данного продавца не в первый раз, рекомендую =)
03.07.2018 22:06:23
Very good seller +++
03.07.2018 16:29:20
Все четко, покупал первый раз, доставка быстрая
02.07.2018 23:40:15
Все отлично, спасибо)
02.07.2018 23:23:33
Очень хороший продавец
02.07.2018 19:06:13

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