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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$300 the discount is 2%
$1000 the discount is 3%
$1500 the discount is 5%
The coins paid on this page are transmitted only in a safe (comfortable) way. Buy coins through exhibiting players for the transfer can be here </ attention>

ORDER ORDERING AND DELIVERY COINS FIFA 18 Ultimate Team:The minimum number of purchases is 100k of coins. The EA commission (5%) is covered only if there is a written response in advance. In case you write a review after receiving the coins, the bonus will be paid at the next purchase.
When paying for my kiwi purse, an additional 10% discount with commission coverage (for details write to Skype or PM). </ Attention>

1. Contact me via private messages or Skype (the login is specified in the profile contacts) to specify the number of coins and delivery dates.
2. Pay for the purchase at the top right of the page. You can enter the number of coins (1k = 1 thousand) or the purchase amount, after choose the payment method that suits you and click on the BUY button. Then follow the instructions.
3. After payment, you need to inform me of the received unique code, after which I will begin to execute the order.
The essence of the method is to expose an expensive player from one account at a minimum price and buy from another account. After that, already sell it at a market price and thus make a profit. This method is not fired by the ea system and is completely safe for both the seller and the buyer.
To transfer, you need to tell me the login, password and secret from ut. Do not confuse the secret from ut and from the origin. The secret from ut is needed only for the entrance, in the ut, and the secret from the origin is needed to change the password and other data.

This method of transmission is completely safe, and you do not have to worry about possible sanctions from the EA.
But, I do not give any guarantees about their absence, because you could buy coins in an unsafe way before or you can make them in the future and get a zero or ban for buying from another seller.
In FIFA 18 added a new paragraph to the user agreement. It looks like this: "in no case is it possible to engage in targeted accumulation of coins." In this regard, I recommend after buying the coins, and even after selling expensive players from the packs immediately spend coins, because you yourself know how "good" and "no bugs" is working fifa in recent years.You only need to provide a backup code if you have mail confirmation enabled. You can find it at If they are not there, do not be scared, you can leave the field blank. But in this case, you will need to inform me in addition the confirmation code that will come to your e-mail. </ Attention>To prove that the coins are transferred in this way, I do not remove the sold players. After the end of the transfer, you can go to the sales list and see for yourself.
Also I want to inform you that despite the statements of other sellers, transfer through the transfer of information / tysov at an inflated price is not safe! </ Attention>deliveryI also purchase coins with an account (transfer only in a secure way). Rate 17% of the current selling price </ delivery>

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19.02.2018 22:48:41
19.02.2018 18:35:50
Все хорошо! Буду заказывать еще!
18.02.2018 22:20:47
18.02.2018 21:54:19
vse otlicnho kak vsegda
18.02.2018 20:35:55
Все быстро и удобно
18.02.2018 19:31:07
17.02.2018 19:25:36
Настоящий "Комфорт"!
17.02.2018 18:25:49
Не первый раз покупаю монеты у данного продавца, и как всегда все на высоте!
17.02.2018 18:13:14
very good
16.02.2018 20:45:12
Все отлично
16.02.2018 18:39:37
Все четко и быстро. А главное недорого
16.02.2018 17:55:20
Не первый раз покупаю. Все отлично!
15.02.2018 19:31:27
Всё быстро и качественно))
14.02.2018 19:36:20
Всё отлично!
14.02.2018 18:47:18
Perfectly done
13.02.2018 21:36:37
Стал постоянным клиентом!
12.02.2018 21:03:53
Приятный продавец, хорошие цены, рекомендую!
12.02.2018 19:18:44
Самый лучший продавец! Покупайте у него!
12.02.2018 9:12:33
Все отлично
11.02.2018 22:58:14
хорошая цена

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