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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 1%
$80 the discount is 2%
$150 the discount is 3%
$250 the discount is 4%
$400 the discount is 5%
1. Contact me via private messages or Skype (the login is specified in the profile contacts) to specify the number of coins and the delivery time.
2. Pay for the purchase at the top right of the page. You can enter the number of coins (1k = 1 thousand) or the purchase amount, after choose the payment method that suits you and click on the BUY button. Then follow the instructions.
3. After payment, you need to inform me of the received unique code, after which I will begin to execute the order.

The EA Commission (5%) is included in the purchase price. You will receive exactly 100k of coins per account.Coins in this way are transferred only in the form of a fixed amount of 100k coins, a maximum of 1 time per day to one client. Coins are transferred through placing 3 inform players on the market. To transfer this way, you must have available 36k coins for the purchase of 3 inform players, or 3 informational players available for sale. Each player is bought from a different account, and due to this, transmission security is achieved. However, I do not give any guarantees about the absence of zeroing or ban of your account. </ Delivery>ATTENTION! Under the rules of the game it is forbidden to buy game currency or any other transactions for real money, in case of sanctions from the administration of the game, I do not bear any responsibility either for your team or for the money spent. By paying for a purchase, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself.
If you do not want to risk - I advise you to take coins in a safe way, all the information here </ attention>
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16.03.2018 18:02:21
16.03.2018 17:34:50
все кртуо!!! купил 200к
15.03.2018 21:54:11
Все норм!
11.03.2018 19:29:34
Все круто купит 100к!!!
09.03.2018 18:25:06
все отлично
07.03.2018 16:31:37
10.10.2017 19:38:12
все быстро пришло,продавец отличный,спасибо!!!
09.10.2017 23:16:26
все четко, пара мин и готово
09.10.2017 1:00:10
Thank you all Great
04.10.2017 22:28:24
Great and honest seller. Very cheap
02.10.2017 21:47:46
02.10.2017 20:48:04
Все отлично! Доставка около 5 мин.
02.10.2017 17:49:06
Рекомендую, все отлично!
01.10.2017 17:56:59
Купил на 300рублей
27.09.2017 22:11:11
Всё супёр
26.09.2017 0:22:14
Все отлично! Крутой продавец
24.09.2017 2:08:13
23.09.2017 22:17:01
Отличный продавец!
22.09.2017 23:31:51
Всё отлично
22.09.2017 17:09:42
Все очень хорошо
быстро и понятно)
в первый день уже появились на 18 фифу монеты) супер)

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