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Lightning fast after payment, you get a unique link on which the day of the exit you will receive a key to activate the game Evil Within 2 in STEAM + DLC Last Chance.

Released: 13/10/2017 (can be changed by publisher)

Shinji Mikami and talented team Tango Gameworks represent the continuation of his famous thriller.
Detective Sebastian Castellanos lost everything. Including the daughter of Lily. To save her, he agrees to enter the world of nightmares and fulfill the task of "Mobius," a secret organization that destroyed his past life to the ground. Now Sebastian has to penetrate into the eerie dying city of Union, where even the air itself is woven of horror, and at every angle awaits mortal danger. But this is the last chance to fix it. This distorted world is falling apart. Will you confront fear face to face or reach the goal, hiding in the shadows?
Key Features
• The story of redemption: Sebastian must return to the nightmare world. At stake - his family and life.
• Creepy places: examine them carefully, because in this strange world everything is not what it seems, and always be on your guard.
• All ways to survive: create traps, run and hide or fight with terrible creatures (ammunition is limited).
• Dangerous Enemies: On the road to redemption, you will meet not only deadly sadists, but also people who can help or hinder you.
• Animal fear and stress: Visit a terrible world filled with vile creatures and deadly situations.
A new game from the famous Japanese game designer Shinji Mikami, the ancestor of the genre survival horror and author of the cult series Resident Evil.
The Evil Within 2 is an intricate storyline, thought-out gameplay, great sound design, a stylish cinematic pitch, and a unique, truly intense and frightening atmosphere of hopeless horror and fear.
Skilfully worked scenery The Evil Within 2 are formed in a shaky deceptive world, teeming with monstrous creatures that the player along with the protagonist will have to confront, having very limited capabilities. To survive in this nightmare, you will have to show remarkable restraint and self-control, as well as the ability to quickly navigate the situation. Without a doubt, The Evil Within 2 will force players to experience the strongest emotions.
In our country, The Evil Within 2 is released in the original soundtrack with subtitles in Russian, which allowed to preserve the atmosphere of the source and at the same time make the game understandable to a greater number of users.

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• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved by phone, thanks for your understanding.
17.05.2018 14:59:02
I got the game, Fast and reliable.
01.02.2018 21:43:30
все активировалось на ура
01.02.2018 0:52:06
Товар пришел моментально. Все работает. Спасибо большое!
21.01.2018 18:45:16
всё активировалось, только ждал долго подтверждения платежа. около 12 часов. но это врядли проблема продавца.
20.01.2018 2:35:01
The best! Thanks!!!
20.01.2018 2:05:39
Спасибо за игру по хорошей цене!
22.12.2017 3:39:31
Всё чётко, спасибо :)
22.12.2017 0:35:58
Все супер, спасибо!
16.12.2017 18:30:18
Всё хорошо
10.12.2017 22:40:18
Спасибо! Всё отлично! =)
09.12.2017 18:45:23
Спасибо круто быстро )))))))))
08.12.2017 15:04:54
07.12.2017 23:47:01
Как всегда все ок
01.12.2017 3:03:36
26.11.2017 14:14:34
Спасибо, все ок!
24.11.2017 20:09:27
Первоначальная проблема решена. Ключ активировался.
20.10.2017 19:28:40
19.10.2017 0:04:51
Мгновенная доставка рабочего ключа
17.10.2017 17:01:25
дошло моментально) спасибо большое, аж забыл оставить отзыв так затянуло)_)) жду подарок)
16.10.2017 13:11:50
Товар получен оперативно. СПС.

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