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FULL PACK includes a mixture of macros for the game CS:GO, namely:

- AK47
- Bizon
- Galil
- M4A1-S
- M4A4
- MP7
- MP9
- P90
- SG553
- SSG08
- XM1014

For each type of weapon shows all the sensitivity settings of the mouse.
Mouse sensitivity: 2.52

After purchase you will be assigned a code for the download and further FREE updates!
We remind you that separately purchased macros are not subject to free upgrade!
To correct and fine-tune the macro read carefully before installing
for proper operation of the macro follow the instructions.

All are provided in the archive macros checked, rechecked,
be sure to carefully and properly configured!

1. Change the game SETTINGS - keyboard/mouse: "mouse Sensitivity" - 2.52,
"Direct connection" - on, "Sensitivity, approximation" - 1.
2. Change the game SETTINGS - video: "Resolution" - any.
3. If when shooting at the wall, the behavior of the macro differs, adjust "mouse sensitivity"
in the game this way - if you pull down - reduce sensitivity, but if up and increase sensitivity.
30.06.2018 9:57:07
Thanks for the goods
14.06.2018 13:43:44
15.05.2018 22:39:59
Спасибо за хороший товар пришел с разу
09.05.2018 15:01:59
Макросы хорошие на калошах играть вообще изи

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