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Macro on BURDANK for RUST (20th Nov 2018 - Up. 208)

- Semi-automatic rifle (Semi-Automatic Rifle)

All macros are written according to the standard sensitivity in Game 1.0, this macro is no exception. The DPI on your mouse is not important, as is the screen resolution.

Mouse Sensitivity-1.0
Sensitivity at magnification -0.5X - 0.8
Sensitivity at + 1.5X - 1.1 magnification

- For macros with the use of sight modules, the sensitivity differs from the main one and with an increase or distance of the multiplicity in aiming from the -0.5x sight to 4.0x, a sensation is either reduced or increased - this is done for convenience in sniper modes and increase accuracy!

- Attention - when moving the weapon to the top, we increase the sensitivity, when we move to the bottom, we lower it. It is important to remember that DPI on the mouse does not affect the operation of the macro!

- Try to shoot, both sitting and standing!

Our macros are only suitable for BLOODY (Any model) mice with software support (Bloody5 / 6) and A4Tech X7 mice with software support (Oscar Editor)

Macro RAST work, only for the standard size of the weapon cage in the game (for example, 30 rounds, not 60). On some Battlefield servers, the return has been changed to its own. The macro will not work on these servers either. We make macros under the official Update.
Remember, all macros are checked repeatedly, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side.

Who displays the error archive, download the official RAR archiver:


Macros have an AMC format and therefore we do not guarantee their operation on all mice except BLOODY (Any model) with software support (Bloody5 / 6) and A4Tech X7 mice with software support (Oscar Editor).

- How to install the AMC macro format for BLOODY; you can find the instruction on our website:
- How to install the AMC macro format for A4Tech X7; you can find the instruction on our website:
08.01.2019 2:43:09
03.12.2018 18:19:53
Вы мне продали макрос который не работает вообще у меня мышка х7 все инструкции выполнил
21.05.2018 20:24:59
батя в здании
30.04.2018 19:26:40
Отличный макрос
30.04.2018 18:46:10
09.04.2018 20:15:32
Working :)
04.02.2018 15:50:21
01.02.2018 22:21:24
28.12.2017 14:10:05
Макрос хороший но уб больно низкий сенс с прицелом сидя приходится до 0,4 опускать.
23.11.2017 22:06:02
без глушителя не очень, ну а с глушителем просто точка весь зажим. Как и написано в инструкции
06.11.2017 23:56:37
Лол, покупал проверить, все пришло. Спасибо, приобрету ещё на ак.

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