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In this set, about 25 versions of the macros for weapons in the game PUBG.

Macros are suitable for the mouse Bloody X7 (LMC - in addition to semi-automatic rifles)

If your mouse is not suitable,you can download the program Macros Effect or Legit Helpers.
BUT REMEMBER that playing with third party software is not you who does not guarantee that you will not get VAC on your account. We are trying to circumvent the protection of and report on the BATH in our first social.networks!

List of weapons:
AKM M16A4 M416 SCAR-L, M249 VSS SKS Tommy JUMP Mini Uzi Vector saiga (Macros and their number is constantly updated!)

(Settings -> Manage.)

Invert mouse - off
Overall sensitivity - 50
The sensitivity of the driving - 50
The sensitivity of the aiming - 50
The sensitivity of the proximity - 50
The sensitivity when you zoom 2X - 44
Sensitivity with increasing 4X - 39
The sensitivity when you zoom 8X - 34
The sensitivity increase of 15X - 30

For macros using modules sights, the sensitivity is different from the main and with increasing frequency in aiming since the sight x2, Seneca falls 12% - this is done for convenience in sniper modes and improve the accuracy!

- Attention - on a newly selected weapon will be included a single type of shooting. When you select another type of macro shooting do not forget to switch!
Additional information:
Attention. Updated Pak under PUBG version 1.0. The update is free.
Not the number of Conte - constantly updated!
Tommy Gun
A Mini Uzi
03.03.2018 0:14:54
Works perfectly great!
11.02.2018 21:26:07
Товаром доволен! отдачи нету. Товар оправдал все мои ожидания
03.02.2018 19:12:23
Покупаю не первый раз тут макросы, сначала брал один для теста, что и как. Потом брал по несколько макросов. Макросы лучшие что я видел. И вот решил взять сборник. Цена больше чем на половину выгодней. Макросы просто бомба. Играю и тащу. 1-5 место запросто. Ещё раз спасибо!
27.01.2018 21:34:48
Лучшие макросы, лучший продавец!
23.01.2018 20:08:20
13.01.2018 15:47:40
Спасибо, получил с разу же. Щас пойду пробовать, радует большой ассортимент и что каждый макрос означает.

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