Content: Cheat PUBG.rar (942.64 KB)
Available: 15
Uploaded: 15.12.2018

Positive responses: 247
Negative responses: 18

Sold: 1024
Refunds: 6

After the payment you will receive a launcher as well as all the auto updates of the reader!

Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat on 14
/12/2018 </ attention>

After activation, you will be able to

You can only include what you need.

   - display of opponents on the map
   - display of airspaces
   - display of corpses with loot
   - display of loot (weapons, med.kit, ammunition modifications, etc.)
   - display vehicles transport, motorcycles, boats;
   - display the number of players and squads
   - the sound plays when there is 1 minute left until the circle is narrowed
This is updating right now

- ANTI RECOIL with all weapons (all bullets fly to one point)
2) easy anti-recoil, 2) improved anti-recoil 3) hard mode everything flies to the point (no animation shaking)
- when viewing the repeat, it is not noticeable that the anti-recoil of 1 and 2 variants is used
 - Illumination of enemies! (This is updating right now)
 - No grass (cutting grass, bushes) + 30-40 FPS
 - Removed the texture of the earth
 - You can turn off the sound of the red zone
 - No smoke from smoke grenades, and do not dazzle flash drives
 - Fast treatment
 - passage through the door

Activation in one click.

 - ESP seen all through the walls (ON PROCESSING)
 - Transparent walls (COMING SOON!) </ Delivery>

Works without bans for 7 months

Chit is fully functional after the upgrade to date.
Buy cheats for Pubg (PlayerUnknown´s Battlegrounds)
deliveryAfter the purchase, you will receive a cheat and easy activation in the click </ delivery>

Any resale is prohibited! Will deactivate and disconnect from updates

Buying and using the cheat, you agree that all the risks you take on yourself.

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16.12.2018 11:46:34
жду ключ
15.12.2018 8:12:41
Жду ключа
14.12.2018 19:23:22
Waiting for my key.
13.12.2018 12:58:00
waiting :)
11.12.2018 21:58:48
В ожидании
04.12.2018 18:27:09
Всё хорошо, но очень долго обновление :(
28.11.2018 22:17:39
Жду обновления чита, после обновления игры
28.11.2018 16:45:22
Классный чит всем рекомендую, продавец отзывчивый
27.11.2018 23:33:40
Все хорошо, продавец быстро ответил на все мои вопросы
29.08.2018 23:22:59

This person is a fraud!
The cheat is not working. He does not say you did not work before you sold it.
The seller does not respond via skype.
He is a qualified fraud..


Esta persona es un fraude!
El truco no esta funcionando. El no dice que no trabajaste antes de que lo vendieras.
El vendedor no responde por Skype.
El es un fraude calificado.


Bu kisi dolandirici!
Hilesi calismiyor. Sana satmadan once calismadigini soylemiyor.
Skype ile yanit vermiyor.
O nitelikli bir dolandirici.


Этот человек - мошенник!
Чит не работает. Он не говорит, что ты не работал, прежде чем продал его.
Продавец не отвечает через skype.
Он квалифицированный мошенник.
22.08.2018 15:52:21
Чит обновляется больше 10 дней, я не буду ждать месяц, чтобы поиграть несколько дней до обновы и потом снова ждать месяц.
Требую возврат средств!
Прошел месяц, ни денег ни чита нет.
22.08.2018 13:00:14
There is a Skype problems. Seller added on me to Skype and I accepted. Sometimes new Skype had a trouble for noticifications.
18.08.2018 15:53:11
It´s been 15 days since I bought the scam and it´s still not working. I got the pubg account from this guy and he didn´t deliver it. It´s been 15 days. DON´T BUY IT.
17.08.2018 22:02:57
Продавец ВСЕ подробно объяснил и действительно помог!
17.08.2018 6:18:05
very irrelevant since i bought
16.08.2018 13:04:31
Хорошая поддержка(24/7) чит работает замечательно, играю уже пол года без бана!
15.08.2018 18:42:07
Complicated as fuck to use, the translation for how to use txt is from russian to english and is impossible to understand, and seller never has time to help. Dont buy. Also forums are all in russian so its impossible to get help
Here is the seller trying to "Help me":

He wanted me to change the feedback to positive before i got help, because that meant i couldnt change it back to negative in case something happened, so after i told him to help me first and then ill change the review he said he will help me shortly but as always i have to wait for several days to get in contact with him. Honestly this is waste of time and waste of money. There is no cheat and if there is you will most likely be banned and all the seller can say is "Chat me". He is actually stupid.
14.08.2018 18:55:12
Продавец топ. Отвечает на любые вопросы моментом.
14.08.2018 10:31:26
Все отлично,жду ключ
13.08.2018 16:16:48
Прошу возврата, товар не понравился.

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