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VKontakte is a social network for fast and convenient communication between people all over the world. You can exchange messages and share photos, follow the news of your friends and make new acquaintances, watch videos and listen to music, join communities and play games.
The task of VKontakte is to remain the most modern, fast and aesthetic way of communication in the network at every single moment.

Stickers first appeared in the largest social network Runet in 2014. Since then, they have become an indispensable attribute of communication for most users. Unlike conventional emoticons, stickers are not only larger in size, but also colorful and diverse. The developers even released whole series devoted to funny characters or separate topics.

For example, among users of these popular stickers VKontakte as a hamster or Senya Cactus Kohl, Christmas company or beach season.

VKontakte December 28, 2017 presented animated stickers. They became available in the messenger and in the comments to the records on all platforms. The first animated characters were the dog Korzhik from MegaFon and the unicorn Sparks, which appeared in February, but before that it was static. Animation is automatically played in dialogs - and after sending, and when receiving messages. Before sending, you can see the animation of any of the available stickers to select the appropriate answer.
How to get a sticker? </ attention>

1. Enter the required number of conventional stickers (the cost is not more than 63 rubles.), Choose a payment method, insert a link to the page Vkontakte, tell the name of the sticker, you can pay several.
2. After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code, it must be transferred to the seller in any convenient way (attach to the product, through correspondence with the seller or through the "Ask a Question" on the product page).
3. Expect stickers up to 24 hours from the time the code is sent. Sometimes there are delays, and the sticker will be delivered!
==========================By making a purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions: </ attention>

1. If the seller is online, then the sticker is delivered as quickly as possible, the average delivery time does not exceed 1 hour. The maximum delivery time is 24 hours, delays are extremely rare.
2. Stickers are delivered directly to your account.
3. Your ID is the address of the page. You can go to the page and copy the entire address.
4. Guarantee against the kicker 100%.
5. Do not write on the pages from which you received the sticker. For communication use contacts only from this page:
6. Stickers can be written off, it happens. When making a purchase, you agree to this condition.
7. Refunds are made only if the goods are not delivered. If only the cause was not technical reasons (turning off the lights, lack of Internet, etc.)!
14.05.2019 21:25:20
Все пришло. Спасибо.
06.03.2019 7:53:59
04.03.2019 17:32:42
Купил 2 стикера.Всё хорошо
14.02.2019 22:35:19
Дешёвые стикеры и быстрая отправка. 5+
28.01.2019 22:31:35
пропали стикеры , продавец говорит так может быть, ответственность не несет, ссылаясь на 6 или какой там пункт прощайте 45 руб ...
Какие 10 ?? и чем они связаны? Че несете? так и скажите списал на возврат! че первый день?
27.01.2019 18:04:55
26.01.2019 16:10:40
Очень хороший продавец отзывчивый и очень быстро качественно.
21.01.2019 21:37:47
+rep все быстро отправили. Пасеба
21.01.2019 18:12:36
Низкая цена и быстрая доставка стикеров на аккаунт! Уже более месяца они находятся на аккаунте и ВК их не списывает. Не верьте тем, кто говорит, что их ВК заберёт!
19.01.2019 22:29:02
Все отлично,спасибо!
19.01.2019 19:37:48
Продавец покупает с краденных аккаутов,когда страницу востанавливают,стикеры купленные вами возвращаются,вы остаетесь без стиков и денег!
19.01.2019 19:35:37
прошла неделя,стики пропали..-135 руб!
19.01.2019 19:35:05
Стикеры пропали через три дня,голоса вернул себе обратно!
Не советую брать,продажи с краденных аккаунтов ВК!
Не попадитесь как и я.
почему она тогда в блоке?
17.01.2019 22:51:59
Все отлично, за пару часов правда,но пришло))
13.01.2019 14:47:20
Все отлично! Доставили быстро.
10.01.2019 18:47:51
Спасибо вам ребята за стики
24.12.2018 20:34:46
Спасибо.Всё пришло
20.12.2018 20:55:35
Все топ!
20.12.2018 20:04:56
Всё отлично!
12.12.2018 20:14:19
Все отлично!!! Берите

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