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A new macro for any mouse: Bloody / X7
New PRIVATE macro on the LR-300 for the game RUST!

-LR-300 assault rifle (LR-300 Assault Rifle) - Ultra + LBM

Ultra - Full clip with maximum soft stroke
LBM - Left Mause Button - Left Mouse Button (LMB for X7)

The sensitivity of the mouse in nastrojkah games without modification 1.0.
Modifications: Homemade gun / Accelerator / Laser pointer of 0.8.
All macros tested repeatedly, if any of the macros do not work properly, in 99% of cases the problem is on your side.

REMEMBER that playing with third party software is not you who does not guarantee that you will not get VAC on your account. We are trying to bypass the security and to reduce this risk to a minimum!
High probability of BAN should be made for such programs as:
1) Legit Helpers
2) AutoHotkey

Wish you a nice game with macros from Macro Lab!
19.05.2018 19:36:41
10.04.2018 21:57:08
лол 4х прицел ахах.. прикольно
06.02.2018 23:44:13
Все хорошо
10.12.2017 17:31:06
25.11.2017 3:22:40
24.11.2017 15:44:28
Покупаю не первый раз. Советую

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