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Uploaded: 19.08.2018

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New macro for any mouse: Bloody / X7
New PRIVATE macro in Python Revolver for RUST!

- Revolver Colt Python (Python Revolver) - PRO

PRO - Quick proklik with maximum softness of stroke

Mouse sensitivity in game settings without any modifications 1.0.
With modifications: Homemade sight / Accelerator / Laser pointer 0,8.
All macros are checked repeatedly, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side.

REMEMBER that when playing with third-party software, you are not guaranteed by anybody that you will not receive VAC to your account. We do our best to bypass protection and minimize this risk to a minimum!
The high probability of a BAN follows programs such as:
1) Legit Helpers
2) AutoHotkey

We wish you a pleasant game with macros from Macro Lab ™!
17.07.2018 18:35:01
Спасибо всё круто!
10.07.2018 21:54:33
хороший магазин спасибо
22.06.2018 0:29:33
02.06.2018 17:52:39
Был питон стал калаш =)
28.04.2018 20:05:29
Спасибо все пришло макрос упер
02.02.2018 14:15:47
Скачал. Протестирую вечером
24.12.2017 16:38:24
11.12.2017 15:21:51
не кинули и за это спасибо сейчас проверю на пригодность!
23.11.2017 14:34:13

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