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You buy the game Battlefield 1 Revolution for Origin (PC).Activation region: the whole world
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Battlefield 1 - multiplatform computer game in the genre of a first-person shooter, the fourteenth in a series of games Battlefield, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts for the platforms of Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was announced on May 6, 2016, the release is scheduled for October 21, 2016. It is known that the game will be based on the events of the First World War.deliveryThis product is distributed through digital distribution, is only a pin code, and does not contain packages and boxes. </ delivery>
16.11.2018 17:57:36
Все четко и быстро
Отличная и оперативная поддержка, тут вы точно получите свой товар
04.09.2018 17:54:28
Чуваки, качайте с зеркала.
02.09.2018 13:13:36
Сначала код не ввелся посколько скопировал из окна браузера(видимо не стоит тхт файлы хромом открывать), но скопировав из блокнота все прошло.
02.12.2017 15:13:35
Спасибо ,код пришел мнгновенно

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