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Lightning fast after payment, you get a unique key to activate the add-on of the game Total War: Warhammer II Rise of the Tomb Kings in STEAM.

Depending on the choice of region for payment, this game can only be activated in the following countries:
- Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan: only the specified country.
- CIS countries: Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.
Language - Russian subtitles

• The new race "Kings of the Tombs" is available in the "Vortex Center" and "Mortal Empire" campaigns
• Unique race features related to the history of the tombs of the tombs
• 4 new legendary lords for whom you can play: Setra the Immortal, the High Queen Khalid, the High Priest Hatep and Archan the Black
• Collect the damned Nagash Books and win the battle for the Black Pyramid to win the final victory
Learn the secrets of the past by examining the Nehekar dynasty
• Use the Kingdom of Souls to resurrect your soldiers and summon ushashti in battle
• Combine exotic goods and canopies - a unique resource of the Kings of the Tombs - to create magic items and resurrect the legendary legions in the Cult of the Dead
• A complete list of troop types, including units from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles

In the deserts of Nehakara, entire legions of skeleton warriors rise from the hot sand to destroy the strangers who encroach upon their possessions. Nehakara is the dead realm of endless dunes, filled with the blood of savages and barbarians. This is the Land of the Dead, where embalmed kings are doomed to reign forever in their non-life. But it was not always so.

Once the ancient kingdom of Nehekar was the pearl of human civilization. The cities of Nehekara were amazed with luxury and grandeur, its armies were conquered by whole nations, and its kings commanded people like gods. But a thousand years ago the vile Nagash destroyed the kingdom with his witchcraft: all living things instantly perished, and the dead rose from their graves.

But death will not stop the Kings of the tombs on the road to glory. In non-life they will restore the former greatness of Nekhekara!

Although the Kings of the Tombs can be played in the "Vortex Center" campaign, the vortex itself does not interest them, therefore they do not participate in the struggle for control over it. Instead, they are looking for nine damned Nagash Books, and these searches end in an epic battle near the Black Nagash pyramid itself. Each book gives a unique bonus in the course of the campaign and one step closer brings the player to victory.

Unique resource: Canopies
Canopies are ancient containers filled with magical energy. Canopies are produced by certain buildings, and they can also be obtained for carrying out tasks and as prey after the battle. They are needed for the awakening of strong detachments, researching technology, performing rituals and creating unique objects in the Cult of the Dead.

The Cult of the Dead
Priests-Lychees of the Cult of the Dead preserve the knowledge of the school of Nekhekara and the mysteries of resurrection. They are able to create unique sacred objects. With the help of goods and canopies, a player can order magic weapons, armor, talismans, and enchanted and magical items. For a fee, the Cult of the Dead can be resurrected for you by the mighty legendary legions.

Dynasty of Nehekara
Instead of exploring new technologies, Kings of the Tombs study the achievements of their ancestors. Discovering ancient history, a player can resurrect great rulers to command his armies, increase the number of units available to heroes, gain advantages during the campaign and strengthen their troops, and awaken the messengers of ancient armies - unique satellites that increase the power of key squads .
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• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved by phone, thanks for your understanding.
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