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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
Dr.Web Anti-virus for 1 PC for 1 year (150 day renewal! *) For Windows, Mac OS, or Linux

+ Protection for Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile for free!

\u003cb\u003eThe customer receives only one serial number\u003c/b\u003e of the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX for 1 year for 1 PC. The license term begins on the date of registration.

Shipping - immediately after payment! The goods are delivered in text form. It´s much more convenient to the scanned image. \u003cb\u003ePurchased item you can always be viewed on\u003c/b\u003e

There you can also thank the seller had positive feedback about the purchase.

Download the distribution

The installation process will get a demo key file - the program will work and be updated for free for 1 month. You can then enter the purchased serial number here (and get a result of the registration license key file) - the program will work and updated another 12 months.

So before purchasing a license (serial number) you have the opportunity, within 30 days to determine whether the program meets your needs, for your computer and meet your expectations. Therefore, the seller shall not remunerate the costs on the sale of licenses. All sales are final. Since payment is non-refundable.

If you have a technical problem after purchase:

- You can contact technical support company "Doctor Web" toll-free line for residents of all regions of the Russian Federation: 8-800-333-7932.

- Or create a request to Technical Support

- Or create a request via personal cabinet
Download distributions for all operating systems and mobile devices

please visit after entering the serial number.

* This product is suitable for both new purchases and for license renewal. If you buy this product for license renewal (the term of the old license must be at least 6 months), enter in the registration key file or serial number to the last license Dr.Web, and the validity of the new license will be increased to 150 days.
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17.05.2017 15:27:06
27.06.2016 13:16:03
16.05.2016 17:57:16
03.03.2016 9:58:48
спасибо, все четко и быстро
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12.10.2015 22:57:28
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куда скидка 7% подевалась?
14.07.2015 19:38:39
Спасибо, все получил, уже не первый раз
21.05.2015 14:49:04
всё норм!!! спасибо!
18.05.2015 16:14:34
Спасибо за продажу,товар отличный,работает хорошо!
08.05.2015 18:29:00
31.03.2015 21:10:11
Все отлично
14.03.2015 18:34:59
28.02.2015 6:47:38
спасибо все работает

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