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A collection of useful Javascript scripts files examples

●●● Print the HTML page by clicking on the button on
The script allows you to print an html document using the button without using the browser interface. In the example there are two file with CSS styles to display the document on screen and for printing.

●●● Find the shortest word in the string to javascript.html
The script finds the specified number of the shortest words in the text string, ranging from the short and increasing.

●●● Display the date in the format yyyy-mm-dd (Year-Month-Day) 3 ways to Javascript.html
The script generates a string with the current date in a human readable format, for example 2018.01.01.

●●● The transition to another page after validating the password javascript.html
The script redirects to the specified in the settings page when entering correct password into the text box. The page address and password in the script settings.

●●● Add text in the text box when you click on кнопку.html
The script adds the given text to the text field of the textarea when clicking on a button.

●●● When you click the link to change it and to show or hide DIV блок.html
When clicking on the link, you receive a hidden block of text and change the link text. When re-clicked the link, the unit is closed and the link text becomes the original.

●●● Appearing letter by letter the text in the text box on javascript.html
Animated letter by letter the appearance of the text Input field. Configures the rate of appearance of the text.
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