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With the beginning of ranked battles in the game there were bonuses, and if at first they could only be earned in this mode, then today you have this opportunity in random battles of the 10th level, and in the general battle. Our team offers you to buy Bonuses and at the same time raise the statistics on your account.
This service includes several: a high percentage of wins from 60% and a huge number of medals, as well as an increase in the rates of 8 and ER.
Terms of service:
Presence of a pre-account.
Ability to install three additional. equipment to choose a driver. The account has 100 gold.
The opportunity to retrain the crew to the driver´s choice (200 gold per crew member or 20k silver but with loss of experience) of your choice. Write in the comments to the order for silver or gold allow the discharge of perks if necessary. Up to 600,000 silver for 40 fights at the disposal of the driver.
The crew must have 100% basic skill and 100% first perk (commander´s lamp)
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