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Another raid is being delayed. Lucky lucky, you will not want the enemy. So what? Stalker of the highest category of autonomy without a good adventure is not a stalker, but a tourist. Around - unfamiliar lands of the Amazon, new friends and enemies. And you without transport, and yes even one. Need information, ammunition, equipment, communications. And, as always, ahead of shooting and pursuit, the search will have to try. It´s good to take a break, but you can not stop, time is precious, so many good people are worried!

And again the Goblin is laying the route. What will be the long-distance path, what difficulties and discoveries await in advance, what will the unexpected mission bring? In the meantime, you have to get up from the wet grass, find the first dwelling and hold it. In general, the usual thing. So, we will break through, Comrade Somov, what do you think?
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