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- The direction of knitting - from top to bottom.
- There are no stitches.
- The sweater is executed by a face surface with inserts a phantom. pattern on the shoulder bevel.
- Shoulder bevels and pellets are formed by the method of Contiguous method by Susie Myers.
- The throat and the lower edge of the body are formed in shorter rows.
- The description of the tying of the neck and shoulder bevels is presented in two versions - textual and schematic. Preference should be given to one of the options that you are more comfortable to perceive.

Recommended yarn
BUCCIA Nardi Soc. di Gest (50% merino, 25% silk, 25% PA, 1400 m / 100 g) in 3 additions and IMAGINE E. Miroglio (merino 100%, 2,400 m / 100 g) in 3 folds

Needles number 3 and 3.5 or any other, allowing to achieve this density without affecting the quality of the blade

Dimensional grid from 2 (OG 52) to 16 (OG 88 cm) years.

All incarnations on this model can be considered in my blog in the subject Alfa Results.

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