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Calculator bankruptcy of an individual allows you to calculate the cost of bankruptcy proceedings.

======= The calculation depends on the following parameters: ========

- Enter the total estimated debt
- Specify the number of creditors (1-10)

- Are you married?
- Do You have an apartment, encumbered with a mortgage?
- Do you have real estate objects except for a single dwelling?
- Do you have other registered property (cars, garages, land, etc.)?
- Your official income exceeds the subsistence level?

======= The design and settings of the calculator =======

The settings are set in both html and javascript, and can be adjusted if necessary.

The code specifies the minimum base cost of the procedure.
Then the influence of the selected amount of debts is calculated.
By default, 0 RUB, if the debt is less than 1 000 000 RUB, i.e. the first item is selected. Starting from the 2nd point of the drop-down list of the amount of debts, the cost increases by 1000, etc.

Next, the effect of the number of credits is calculated.
Default 0. if 1 credit or less. Starting with 2 credits, the cost increases by 1000, etc.

Then the effect of the answers on the questions is calculated.
Default 0. if nothing is selected. Each marked item increases the value by the amount specified in value="".

When you click on the "Calculate" button, the total cost of the bankruptcy procedure is calculated.
========== Important!!!

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