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The script calculator to calculate the required number of bricks depending on the type of masonry walls and type of brick.

Initial data for calculation are in the table "type of a laying \ type of a brick". The numbers in the cells indicate the number of bricks per 1 square meter., pieces´.

Types of a laying: a brick Floor, a brick, one and a half a brick, Two bricks, two and a half bricks.
Brick types: Euro, Single, Queen, Double.

========= To calculate, you must select and set the following parameters:

Type of masonry
Type of brick
The total length of the perimeter walls
Wall height
Window width
Window height
number of Windows
Door width
Door height
Quantity of doors

========= Result of calculation

The area of the walls
The area of openings
Total bricks you will need

========= Calculation formulas

The formula for calculating the Area of walls, Area of openings and the number of bricks you can change and edit in the code calculator.
========== Important!!!

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