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- Battlefield 3 game
- Premium Membership </ attention>

Battlefield 3 leaves behind all its competitors, thanks to the power of the new incredible game engine Frostbite ™ 2 from DICE. On this work of art, the entire Battlefield 3 is based, offering the player excellent graphics quality, location of incredible scales, complete destruction of objects, dynamic sound and realistic character animation. You can feel the battlefield like never before, with bullets whistling around, crumbling walls and knocking you down with explosions. In Battlefield 3, players will become the elite of the US Marine Corps and immerse themselves in exciting single-player missions and magnificent multiplayer battles around the world, including in Paris, Tehran and New York.

- Frostbite 2 - a new graphics core, raising the implementation of animation, destruction systems, lighting and sound at an unprecedented height. Thanks to this technology you will feel yourself in the thick of the battle!
- The heat of battle - the rumble of explosions, bullets overhead, the rescue of wounded comrades, the deployment of weapons in virtually any terrain ... stunning graphics and animation Battlefield 3, as well as an exciting gameplay will allow you with a head to immerse yourself in an intense modern battle.
- Military equipment - battles involving equipment on land, sea and in the sky will become even more intense with the introduction of jet planes into the game.
- City fight - in this game you have to fight in different parts of the US, Europe and the Middle East. Waiting for you are narrow streets, business districts of megacities ... and open spaces, ideal for a battle involving technology.This product is distributed through digital distribution, is only a pin code, and does not contain packages and boxes./delivery

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Download and activate the game:

1. Download and install the EA Downloader - Origin. (Http:// = ALWAYS latest version!
2. Start EADownloader - Origin.
3. Run the EA download manager and on the "Activate" enter the purchased key
4. Log in using your e-mail and password specified
when registering on the website of EA. If you have not registered on this site, create a new account.
5. Download the distribution (Written "download" - you need to download, and not to put on top of the Pirate).

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