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When ordering this product, you get unique visitors from Google and / or Yandex search engines from 100 to 10 000, not to be confused with subscribers, customers, etc., namely visitors,
those people who visit your resource, they will see it, and this can be a website, a group in social networks, a page in instagram and so on.
Perhaps when you visit some of them will become your customers, subscribers, leave a comment or a like, but it all depends on how interested your resource is.
================================================== =============
1. You can choose the duration of the project from 5 to 30 days.
2. Number of visitors per day from 10 to 100.
3. If this site then the number of pages viewed before 3.
4. You can specify the URL of the sources of referrals to your resource.
5. The total time spent on your resource is about 1 min.
================================================== =============
If you are interested in attendance statistics, either Google Analytics or Yandex Metric, then you should monitor it yourself.
Guaranteed quality and volume of traffic! A complete analogue to the real transition from the search issue. A unique visiting algorithm that eliminates the detection of a wrap and ensures the maximum efficiency of promotion for the resource!
Dear buyers, do not worry, do not immediately raise panic, give us time to customize your progress and orient people to your resource, EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD!
To get the first visitors you need 1-3 days, we will try to make everything comfortable for you, if you have any questions, please contact us and if we are online, we will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding!
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