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Proxy Searcher Ultimate - has powerful search tools, and proxy checks.

Parsing proxy resources from search engines.
Proxy parsing by provider base
Proxy port parsing
Text recognition html with encrypted JavaScript, jQuery
Possibility of checking the proxy from local files.
The tool of manual parsing on the list of references.
Determining the degree of anonymity of the proxy.
Defining the type of proxy Socks4, Socks5, Http, Https, Web, Connect
Determining the location of the proxy server: region, longitude - latitude
Check proxy for Get / Post requests.
Verify the support for SSL / HTTPS protocols.
Check proxy server speed response
Scheduled tasks - cyclical search, verification, export.
Intelligent filters, and bleklisty.
Export to file: formats TXT, CSV, HTML (proxy type, format optional)
Http, Ftp export: formats TXT, CSV, HTML (proxy type, format optional)
Customizable automatic export + export format constructor.
Automation of Parsing, Checks, Export proxy.
Multithreading: Demo - 64 Standard - 128 Enterprise - 256 streams.
Activation of the trial period Demo FREE
To activate Trial trial period, enter the key:
Within a few hours you can completely evaluate all the advantages of the program, after the trial period has expired, you must activate the program with a license key.
Equipment requirements.
Windows 7 and higher
Operative memory 2 Gb and more
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