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The action of the new game from the famous series Far Cry takes place in the USA.

Welcome to Hope County, Montana. This picturesque nook has become home to people who truly value freedom ... and also for a sect of religious fanatics called The Gate of Eden Project. The sect is led by Joseph Sid, who considers himself a prophet, along with his brothers and sister - the so-called Messengers. The sect tries to regulate all aspects of life of the inhabitants of the district, where once there was peace and tranquility. Arriving in Montana, your hero sees that representatives of the Gate of Eden are preparing to establish full control over the region. You have to unite the people of the district and awaken their will to fight for freedom.

You will be able to explore the expanses of Hope County, including rivers and airspace, using a variety of types of modified weapons and transport - such a diverse range of equipment in Far Cry has not yet been! You will find yourself in the middle of an exciting history in an unpredictable world that reacts to all your actions. Each new place you visit and the people you meet will have a significant impact on the development of events. Many surprises await you!
19.01.2019 18:09:54
Ключ пришел.Хочу подарок
18.01.2019 12:52:45
Спасибо, хочу подарок!
17.01.2019 16:19:17
Все отлично. Хочу подарок
07.01.2019 13:03:10
Отлично, и за не дорого.
17.12.2018 8:45:21
СПС все круто хочу подарок!!! продовца поздравляю С Новым годом Здоровья счастья и удачных продаж!!!
03.12.2018 7:42:02
02.12.2018 16:18:38
спасибо, все отлично
17.11.2018 23:22:43
Все отлично.
11.08.2018 17:10:32
24.07.2018 21:19:48
Отлично, ключ пришел быстро!
12.06.2018 18:19:27
спасибо за ключ
04.05.2018 18:48:18
ключ пришел моментально, покупкой доволен
18.04.2018 20:25:19
Thank you Great works with vpn and game is in english
16.04.2018 17:05:21
Все пришло сразу, спасибо))!
14.04.2018 22:09:31
спасибо ! оперативно
14.04.2018 16:30:11
все отлично, ключ активировался
13.04.2018 20:11:42
this is хорошо :D
09.04.2018 19:09:15
Пришло за секунду, отлично активировалось! Шик
04.04.2018 18:31:54
VPN is not a virus if it want you to install something you should do it i did it and it worked perfectly
04.04.2018 9:16:09

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