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Activation region: RU / CIS!

Now you make all decisions: with whom to sign a contract, whom to transfer to another team, how to manage the budget. You can build a tactic around existing players you have available, or, on the contrary, you can train and develop players according to your vision of the game. From who will play, and who will stay in reserve, will depend on teamwork. Every decision has consequences.
Game activation instruction:
1. If the Steam client is not installed, download and install it.
2. Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you do not already have one.
3. Select "Activate via Steam ..." in the "Games" section or click "Add game" in the lower left corner of the application and select "Activate via Steam ...".
4. Enter the activation key that you bought from us.
5. After that, the game will be displayed in the "Library" section, and you will be able to download the game.
12.06.2018 9:26:56
Неверный цифровой ключ продукта.(ПРОБЛЕМА РЕШЕНА.Все отлично).
10.06.2018 21:10:20
Ключ не активирует игру из Украины, хотя написано, что регион СНГ.
Все вопросы решены за 20 минут. Хороший продавец.
14.04.2018 17:43:43
Wrong key was replaced, trustworthly seller!

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