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Minecraft is a great opportunity to create your own world. The gamer can access a wide variety of materials, as well as living beings, with which he can populate the space. You can just give vent to your imagination, reconstruct a famous landmark or even a historical event - the game does not limit a person´s opportunities. The only thing worth remembering is that at night in the new world uninvited guests can appear, and you need to take care of protection from them ...


It´s interesting to create worlds, and most, and in a good company it becomes an incredibly exciting activity. Players can combine their efforts or compete, competing in the beauty of the result. To enable multi-user mode, you need a TV with Full HD resolution or more - when you use it, the screen splits without losing the clarity of the image.

To download the application does not need to buy additional storage media. Just enter the 25-digit code on the xbox.com/live page - these conditions apply to all users over the age of 13 who have an active account in Xbox Live.
To activate the game:
- go to the website http://www.xbox.com;
- Click the "Sign In" link in the upper right corner;
- log in with your account;
- go to "Manage Profile";
- Select "Redeem Prepaid Card";
- Enter the code you purchased.
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Всё получил. Спасибо:)