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Release date: November 9, 2017.
Age rating: 6
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Localization: English, Russian
Activation system: Steam
Region: Russia

 At your disposal are more than 2500 real clubs and 190 000 real football players and coaching staff. The version of Touch uses the vast bases of players and clubs from Football Manager, allowing you to focus only on the main responsibilities of the manager - tactics and transfers. There is no hype and excitement from the media, so the intervals between matches are shorter and the season ends faster. And if you prefer an even more dynamic game, in Touch you can calculate the result of the match at the touch of a button, and the team will be assisted by your team in your absence. If for you the purity and philosophy of the game is important, with the help of a magnificent three-dimensional engine you can watch the embodiment of your dream come true.
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