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Start requires the Steam-version of the game Grand Theft Auto V

Sending a game happens in the automatic mode. From you it is required to fill out the data, namely - the reference to the Steam the account, the bot will add you as a friend and will transfer the paid game

This gift can be activated ONLY IN RUSSIA (EXCEPT the CRIMEA)
Only on accounts where all prices in rubles!

100% GUARANTEE! Having paid these goods, you receive license addition of Grand Theft Auto V Criminal Enterprise Star Pack for loading in the Steam system!

Russian (interface, subtitlings)


The starting set "Criminal Organization" – the fastest way for new players to build own criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online. Don´t buy these goods if you already have a starting set "Criminal Organization".

You get access to the most interesting and popular materials GTA Online, including to real estate objects, the enterprises, weapon, vehicles and other goods in the total cost more than on 10 000 000 GTA of $.

Start business projects from the office in the western building of Maze Bank, create powerful weapon in the underground bunker in Paleto or drive on streets on the most different equipment, including supercars, motorcycles, Dune FAV with weapon, etc.

Besides, you receive 1 000 000 dollars of GTA and powerful weapon. All this will help you to become the most important in Los-Santos and the District of Bleyn.

The starting set "Criminal Organization" with access to Grand Theft Auto Online gives you property worth more than 10 000 000$ GTA:

1 000 000 GTA of $ cash

Real estate:
- The western office in Maze Bank tower
- The bunker in Paleto´s wood for traffic in arms
- A printing workshop on production of false banknotes in the Senora Desert
- Klabkhaus in Greyt-Chaparral
- The apartment to the address San-the street, 1561
- A garage on 10 cars to the address Eksepshionalist-vey, 1337

- Dune FAV
- Maibatsu Frogger
- Enus Windsor
- Obey Omnis
- Coquette Classic
- Turismo R
- Pegassi Vortex
- Huntley S
- Western Zombie helicopter
- Banshee

Weapon, clothes and tattoos:
- The shortened grenade launcher
- High-precision rifle
- The shortened rifle
- Suits: kaskadersky and "Import/export", biker tattoos
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