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Activation: Steam
Genre: Action
Publisher: PUBG Corporation
Region: Russia or use VPN with ru ip address to activate in another country
Language: Russian, English, Chinese, Korean, French.
Release date: Dec 21. 2017

GIFT !!! Leave a positive feedback on your purchase with the words "I want a gift" and duplicate this message in the CORRESPONDENCE tab on the order page so that I will not miss you.
As a gift, the key to an inexpensive, casual steam game will be sent.


PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS is a shooter in which the last survivor wins. Starting the game with nothing, you have to get weapons and supplies to fight for the first place and become the last hero. The battle in this realistic game with high voltage occurs on the huge 8x8 kilometer post-Soviet Black Sea island of Erangel. PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS is developed on Unreal Engine 4 with constant help and support from our players.

PLAYERUNKNOWN, also known as Brendan Green, is a pioneer of the Battle Royale genre. As the creator of the game mode Battle Royale in the series ARMA and H1Z1: King of the Kill, Green is developing a game with a team of veterans in Bluehole to create the most diverse and explosive version of Battle Royale to date.


1. You must download and install Steam - (if not already installed)
2. Register a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.
3. Go to "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam" and enter the key received immediately after payment.
4. After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it from steam.
18.07.2019 18:28:48
Всё очень круто!! Без обмана и моментально!!
18.07.2019 13:48:36
Ключ получил моментально, пока не играл, надеюсь не пожалею потраченных денег.
Хочу подарок!!!
18.07.2019 0:10:28
Все супер!2 ключа взял :3
17.07.2019 20:55:43
всё пришло, продавец спасибо!
16.07.2019 16:18:38
Все хорошо, все подошло, спасибо
16.07.2019 6:49:47
Товар пришёл ключ работает всё хорошо.
15.07.2019 16:46:28
Всё хорошо, игру получил, хочу подарок :D
14.07.2019 22:16:44
Ключ пришел сразу. Продавец добросовестный
14.07.2019 13:56:02
хороший товар
13.07.2019 10:49:48
все отлично!
12.07.2019 20:44:53
все отлично. ХОЧУ ПОДАРОК
12.07.2019 17:01:17
Товар получил. Все работает. Хочу подарок!!!
12.07.2019 11:27:11
Ключ пришел,спасибо! Хочу подарок!
12.07.2019 4:51:29
Thank you..
Got the code and works like a freaking charm. Would 100% reccommend to anyone..
11.07.2019 21:39:31
Спасибо, дешевле, чем в стим) Хочу подарок
11.07.2019 15:45:44
10.07.2019 22:27:19
Решил все установкой приложения на телефон VPN Россия и ввёл ключ на сайте. Все заработало. Спасибо. Хочу подарок.
10.07.2019 18:18:40
ty for key
10.07.2019 16:39:43
Щас активирую жду подарок)
10.07.2019 16:33:57
Активировано успешно :]
Хочу подарок

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