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Start requires the Steam-version of the game Arma 3.

activation: Region free


Perfect the shooting skill and enter remote battles with seven new types of weapon in addition of Arma 3 Marksmen.
Main characteristics
Seven new types of weapon - five sniper rifles and two average easel machine guns provide new opportunities of team game. New weapon:
Cyrus of 9,3 mm - a sniper rifle of high power
MAR-10.338 - a sniper rifle of high power
Mk-I EMR of 7,62 mm - a sniper rifle of average power
Mk14 7,62 mm - a sniper rifle of average power
ASP-1 Kir - a rifle of special function
SPMG.338 - an easy average easel machine gun
Navid of 9,3 mm - an average easel machine gun
New weapon devices - sights of AMS and Kahlia for firing on average range are suitable as for the new, and already being available weapon.
Remote tseleukazatel - two remotely-controlled laser the tseleukazatel can be used for a mark and laser targeting on the purpose from far away.
New camouflage suits - new camouflage suits of NATO and CSAT and AAF fractions provide a camouflage in areas of various type.
New educational firing practice - combine the movement with firing on average distances in 3 new purple firing lines.
The marksman´s presentation - use new opportunities and skills of firing on a long distance in an intense mission.

🕹 How to begin to play ARMA 3 III:
• If Steam the client isn´t established, download and establish him.
• Log in the account Steam or register new if you don´t have it yet.
• Pass into the section "Games" and choose there "To activate through Steam".
• Enter the activation key received after payment. 🔑
• After that a game will be displayed in the list, and you will be able to download ARMA 3 III.
13.02.2019 19:28:00
всё гуд!
20.01.2019 22:11:05
03.01.2019 20:50:07
Все работает, сработано моментально. Большое СПАСИБО :) !
29.12.2018 12:58:06
Ключ активировался, все хорошо
12.12.2018 12:58:49
Отлично и быстро!
05.12.2018 15:43:40
Все гуд. Сразу получил код и активировал его в стиме.
27.10.2018 11:26:50
05.10.2018 19:13:07
All god thanks.
03.06.2018 0:12:38
30.05.2018 21:12:15
всё отлично.Товар мгновенно пришёл после оплаты.

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