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ADDITION, Activation requires DIABLO 3.
1. Create an account on or log into an existing one
2. Go to the "Account" section and find the item "Attaching / converting the game"
3. Use the key in the box below the words "Use the game key"
4. The link for the game download will become available upon activation.

In addition Diablo III: Reaper of Souls players will go on a crusade against the death itself.

In Reaper of Souls, along with five characters from the classic game Diablo III (barbarian, demon hunter, monk, sorcerer and sorcerer), a new game character will appear - the crusader. This warrior of Light is covered from head to foot in armor, not once experienced in battle. Blazing with righteous anger, he yearns to exterminate demons and filth at any cost
03.07.2018 19:57:49
25.06.2018 20:00:36
Спасибо, все оперативно и качественно!
25.06.2018 19:30:23
все работает
22.06.2018 7:12:28
klych aktivirovalsya
odnoznachno +
12.06.2018 20:50:48
Моментально получил код, всё отлично, спасибо!
11.06.2018 18:03:12
11.06.2018 10:50:15
Всё отлично работает)
10.06.2018 16:59:45
Всё Заебись, чётко-чечётко 228
10.06.2018 16:32:00
Заебись!!!! 227

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