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?Immediately after payment you receive a license activation code from CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4. Without delay! EU servers and multilang available - read description.

?? Description:
Black Ops 4 Multiplayer features the return of Specialists, unique soldier characters with special abilities and traits. The game features a total of ten Specialists, six of which (Ruin, Prophet, Battery, Seraph, Nomad, Firebreak) are returning characters from Black Ops III, while the other four (Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash) are new additions.
Multiplayer has also been reworked with various changes for more tactical and teamwork gameplay. Health regeneration is removed in favor of a manual healing system (with each player having a health bar), and weapons are now given predictive recoil patterns. Weapon customization is also emphasized, with specific Operator Mods allowing for deeper personalization of players? weapons; attachments are also given tiers, with tier-2 upgrades providing even bigger improvements to the weapons.
In addition, the game includes a Solo Missions mode featuring skill-based missions that contain backstories on various Specialists in the game. The missions are set within the same narrative world of the Black Ops campaigns, between the events of Black Ops II and Black Ops III.

That is Standart Edition.

?? If you are not from Russia:
You will need a russian account to activate it. To activate the key you need to use RU VPN (For example: TOUCH VPN in google chrome or any). After activation vpn is not required. The game supports multilang. EU servers available.
*You do all the manipulations with the VPN at your own peril and risk, but usually there are no problems.

?? If everything went well, please leave a positive feedback, and we will in turn send you a bonus coupon for the next purchase :)
If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.
16.05.2019 18:27:31
good seller
09.05.2019 10:37:10
Код пришел сразу и активировался.
29.04.2019 22:00:38
19.04.2019 8:32:46
товар пришел сразу после покупки, код был не использован, очень рад заказу, продавцу респект
02.04.2019 7:15:08
thanks отлично!
01.04.2019 17:27:48
30.03.2019 12:05:12
Все пришло быстро ! все работает , отличный продавец!
22.03.2019 19:40:10
Чётко быстро стильно модно
будет брать ещё
16.03.2019 19:10:35
Все прошло без проблем :)
13.03.2019 11:00:49
все пришло
13.03.2019 6:58:36
code worked absolutely perfectly if you follow the sellers instructions :) thanks for the great deal!
27.02.2019 18:49:17
Спасибо, быстро и без проблем.
27.02.2019 14:06:47
21.02.2019 15:05:59
Thx Dude Its Work You Are Great :)
20.02.2019 22:43:26
17.02.2019 1:00:49
Все пришло. Все работает. Благодарю
10.02.2019 17:42:49
все четко, все пришло
09.02.2019 17:50:13
Спасибо, все отлично ! Хочу подарок !!!
06.02.2019 21:45:51
Товар получил сразу после оплаты, товар рабочий
05.02.2019 0:39:12

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