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Activation region: Global!
Language: English, French, German, Spanish.

About the game:
From the creators of the popular best-selling computer! PlayerUnknown´s Battlegrounds sends players into a competitive battle for survival, where you have to sweat to remain the last survivor. Collect supplies, look for weapons and equipment to take part in a single or team match. Become the only survivor in the exciting game, filled with unexpected moments, causing adrenaline rush.

Features of gameplay:
"The battlefield is waiting!" Desantiruytes on a large lost island, not having anything with them, except clothes and own savvy. Explore, extract and search for weapons or use transport to search for items and equipment to prepare for a dynamic battle.
- Fight alone or team up with other players. One or collect a team to destroy other players in a dynamic battle and try to be the last survivor.
- Win the victory! Defeat all players on the map, deserving the prestigious title of the last survivor.
To activate the game:
- go to the website http://www.xbox.com;
- Click the "Sign In" link in the upper right corner;
- log in with your account;
- go to "Manage Profile";
- Select "Redeem Prepaid Card";
- Enter the code you purchased.
29.07.2018 0:55:04
Все отлично, спасибо)
08.07.2018 14:25:44
Вначале дали не тот код, потом опять, нос 3-ей попытки все хорошо ;)

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