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Selling a unique set dedicated to the social network vkontakte, for the game PUBG

The set includes:
- VK Headphones
- VK Shirt
- VK Bomber
- VK Jeans
- VK Sneakers
How to activate the pin code?
1. Start the game
2. Go to the Shop, on the right under your nickname "Activate Pin-Code"
3. Enter the bought pin code in the field, you can use Ctrl + V
4. Next, go to the Shop -> Inventory, find the "Set VK" box and open it.

All pin codes are working, but if you doubt this, before you buy the product, start recording video from the screen, this will be your proof.
The video must contain the moment of buying the key with the subsequent launch of the game and the activation of the pin code, without pauses.

Enjoy your game!
12.07.2018 13:13:30
Thank you!
12.07.2018 13:12:49
12.07.2018 12:58:29
Thank you :0
12.07.2018 12:52:22
Thank you
12.07.2018 12:28:09
12.07.2018 9:45:04
12.07.2018 9:18:44
Fast ~
11.07.2018 10:41:16
10.07.2018 7:58:33
good fastest!
10.07.2018 7:29:51
Thank you

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