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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$500 the discount is 5%
$1000 the discount is 7%
$2000 the discount is 10%
attentionDear customers, in order to avoid misunderstandings and controversial situations, from now on it is necessary to record a video recording, from the moment of payment for the goods, to an attempt to enter the mail, or an account, in any way, also the rules placed in the additional information are obligatory for fulfillment, deviation from the rules deprives the right for guarantee exchange \ refund. These rules apply to all buyers. The seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video. </ Attention>

To purchase accounts, we recommend using the program - this is the most affordable, no registration application, for video recording.

Product advantages:
After payment, you instantly receive a license key activation Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
ATTENTION!!! This version is different from the Java Edition.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
To all buyers who left a positive feedback, I give Random a gift.
To receive a gift you need:
- Buy the product.
- Leave a positive review.
- Write message to the seller I want a gift.
- Give a gift from the Random section of the platform that you bought. (Sometimes a gift can pay back the purchase price 2-3 times.)
- The guarantee does not apply to the gift, the gifts do not change.

When making a purchase from me, you automatically agree with the following.
Purchase terms:
I. All accounts are purchased from the current owners (creators) and have nothing to do with the hacked / stolen accounts.
II. All operations for changing data (changing passwords, linking phones, changing other data) are made by the buyer (IMMEDIATELY after purchase).
III. The binding on the mail is checked, but can be present (concerns, only the accounts of Warface and WOT)!
IV. Please immediately change the Email, phone, password and all other data related to WOT, STEAM, WARFACE, UPLAY, ORIGIN, and all other purchased accounts (Security deposit of your account), also offer an additional measure of protection, set the folder included in your mail with a password !!
V. For each account, the guarantee is valid only at the time of sale, REPEAT ONLY FOR TIME SALE, I do not change accounts, after their loss after 24 hours, a week, a year, etc. (after purchase, the buyer is responsible for the purchased account).
VI. After buying an account, its further destiny is completely on your shoulders. We can not control the account and your actions. Can you change the password / resold / gave the friend / computer viruses, etc.?
VII. If the account that you bought is not working (not the username: password for mail), or does not match the description, then immediately (within 20 minutes, messages sent later will not be considered!) Write a message to the seller through the form "Correspondence with the seller "(available after payment for the goods). => Do not confuse with the form with a REVIEW! <= I do not correspond with Skype.
VIII. Return of funds is possible, only if it is impossible to replace a non-valid account, within 24 hours (day).
IX. A reply from the seller is guaranteed within 24 hours (usually earlier)!
X. When trying to deceive (concerns those who do not know how to make photos), pressure, threats, insults, I reserve the right, not to answer your messages and not solve your problem, without any consequences!
XI. Buyers, spitefully leaving comments, or not justifiably leaving negative feedback, get to my black list and to my colleagues, other sellers. (do not do stupid things, administration officials will still delete your feedback.)
XII. All questions regarding low-quality goods, I CONSIDER ONLY IN THE SECTION "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" not in Skype, not in VKontakte, but only there.
XIII. Due to the frequent cases of fraud, on the part of buyers, please make a video from the moment you start, purchase before attempting to enter the mail or account, this measure will help solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

If you do not agree with at least one of the items, please refrain from buying.
03.04.2019 17:39:18
30.11.2018 15:41:22
лутший сайт
15.11.2018 18:42:35
13.11.2018 20:40:11
Все работает!
09.11.2018 12:04:44
07.11.2018 16:15:44
07.11.2018 14:23:35
07.11.2018 14:23:15
07.11.2018 14:21:26
01.11.2018 17:39:43
01.11.2018 17:39:31
30.10.2018 13:50:52
я не то купил я хотел купить лицен
28.10.2018 16:01:41
здраствуйте этот код не работает
28.10.2018 10:35:28
Все прекрасно! Спасибо большое! =)
27.10.2018 21:37:19
thanks for reliable shopping.
27.10.2018 13:18:21
Все ок!
25.10.2018 12:20:14
Все отлично,всё работает!
24.10.2018 15:58:01
а где его активировать?
23.10.2018 15:09:59
Круто. После покупки сразу получил рабочий ключ.
21.10.2018 12:47:36

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