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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$2 the discount is 1%
$5 the discount is 2%
$10 the discount is 5%
$25 the discount is 7%
$50 the discount is 10%
$100 the discount is 15%
$200 the discount is 20%
$250 the discount is 25%
$400 the discount is 30%
After payment, you will receive a code that you need to send to your personal correspondence to the seller. After this code is verified, you will be given a cloak. Also, you need to write your character´s nickname in the game so that we can give him the goods (random cloak).

✔ Many beautiful cloaks!
✔ You will stand out against the background of other players.
✔ The cheapest raincoats in runet.

No refunds for goods.
Cloak is issued after you write your nickname to the seller.
The maximum waiting time for sending a raincoat is 24 hours from the moment of your message in the correspondence.
06.02.2019 19:43:12
Ответили через 5 минут, спасибо!)
03.02.2019 1:51:07
06.01.2019 1:13:10
17.11.2018 0:43:59
рекомендую всем лайк
18.08.2018 11:34:37
Жду товара)))
09.08.2018 18:48:04
Cape stolen after a month

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