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Minecraft - this indie sandbox game in the genre with elements of survival and open world. In style, the game world consists entirely of blocks (landscape items, mobs, the player), and used for texturing texture in low resolution (16 × 16 texels). Initially, the game was developed by Swedish programmer Markus Persson, also known as «Notch». The game was conceived as Infiniminer game clone, although Persson expressed a desire to assimilate its gameplay the game Dwarf Fortress. The game is written in Java using LWJGL library. The gameplay in the game is simple - players collect resources to build houses, castles and entire cities. Restrictions in Minecraft is actually no other than the height level - the rest of the players are free to do whatever they want
All license keys, and continue to work ever
23.10.2018 18:35:09
Всё супер, продавец даже отдельно ключ для Win 10 дал!

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