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Immediately after payment, you will receive a license key to activate the DIABLO 3 add-on.

Diablo 3 GLOBAL represents a long-awaited continuation of the famous series of action / RPG Diablo !!!

Two decades have passed since the great incarnations of evil were expelled from the Sanctuary. Diablo 3 now you have to return to where it all began - in Tristram. There you will learn the truth about the fallen star, the appearance of which heralds a new coming of evil and the coming of the last days.
Diablo 3 in search of knowledge that will help overcome the new incarnations of Evil, Deckard Cain returned to the ruins of the Tristram Cathedral. And then from the heavens, enveloped in flame, the apostle of the Apocalypse descended: the blow fell on the very spot where once Diablo entered the world. In Diablo 3 GLOBAL, the heavenly flame awakened the ancient Evil. Hour struck! The heroes of Sanctuary must once again rise to the defense of the mortal world from the raging forces of the underworld.

Features of the game Diablo 3 GLOBAL:

• In Diablo 3 GLOBAL, explore the immense Sanctuary - the dark Gothic world, in Diablo III, which has acquired three-dimensionality.
• In Diablo 3 Fight with the army of the descendants of hell: at your service are five classes of heroes - sorcerer, sorcerer, demon hunter, barbarian and monk.
• In Diablo 3 Defeat your monsters and remember that in battles you can use all sorts of improvised tools, for example, arrange clever traps, hurl various objects into enemies, hide from their attacks on trees.
• In Diablo 3 Play Diablo III with your friends! Thanks to the upgrade of the platform, the multiplayer game has become even more dynamic and saturated, and the connection is more stable.

ATTENTION: This key is Diablo 3 GLOBAL for activation in
27.04.2019 11:01:35
27.04.2019 11:01:31
27.04.2019 11:01:28
27.04.2019 11:01:26
25.04.2019 14:03:43
Все ок)
21.04.2019 17:33:06
21.04.2019 17:33:04
24.01.2019 12:27:25
24.01.2019 12:27:22
20.01.2019 23:17:15
Код успешно использован!
20.01.2019 15:15:09
20.01.2019 15:15:07
24.10.2018 21:26:22
24.10.2018 15:09:39
Все гуд!
17.10.2018 18:34:13
На удивление все прошло окей. Буду брать еще
16.10.2018 20:43:50
16.10.2018 7:42:24
Ключ пришёл, всё хорошо.
Теперь коплю на Reaper Of Souls.
13.10.2018 16:53:12
Ключ пришёл моментально рекомендую продавца!
11.10.2018 6:45:19
Все отлично. Ключ подошел без проблем.

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