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$ 5 USD Itunes Gift Cards - USA - Original Activate

iTunes Gift card is a code for replenishing the US iTunes account for $ 5.

Instructions for creating a new US iTunes account:
1) Download and install the latest version of iTunes from the official website of
2) Open the program and click on the iTunes Store
3) At the bottom, select My Store - United States (VERY IMPORTANT)
4) At the top right, select Account
5) Create new account (create a new account)
6) To create an account, use any US address, you do not need to enter credit card information, use the purchased certificate to activate the account.
A prerequisite for solving possible problems! Buying goods you agree to this item!
Before buying a PIN code, start recording video from the screen (the video should contain the moment of purchasing the product, launching the program and activating the PIN code without pausing or editing). If for some reason the code is already activated by someone, claims will not be accepted without video recording.
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