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When you purchase a Minecraft key, you instantly receive an activation key for the game.
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Minecraft - a computer game in the genre of sandbox with elements of survival and the open world, developed by the Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, also known as "Notch" and later produced by a based Persson company Mojang.

In style, the world of the game consists entirely of blocks (landscape, objects, mobs, player), and textures with low resolution (16 × 16 texels) are used for texturing. The game was conceived as a clone of the game Infiniminer, although Persson expressed a desire to liken her gameplay to the game Dwarf Fortress.
1. Create an account at, or if you have an account just log in.
2. Enter the redemption code when prompted after log in.
3. Choose your Minecraft player name.
4. Download the game.
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