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Two games in one

The full edition includes the base game Diablo III and the addition of Reaper of Souls. Shake the earth with mighty blows, sweep away enemies with the magic of fire and ice, call servants from another world: your hero is born for power!

No one will stop Death!

A single Evil is beating in the gloomy fetters of the black stone of the soul, seeking freedom and vengeance. The sinister artifact was to be hidden forever, but in the world of Sanctuary is the angel of Maltael´s death, pursuing the terrible goal of stealing the black stone of the soul and subordinating his devilish power to his will. This is the beginning of the end of everything ...

Crusader enters battle
Unbreakable armor, sparkling weapons and impressive damage: the crusader, the new hero of mortals, is truly unbeatable. For the new heroes there are two additional places.

Storm the fifth act
The plot of the game is continued in the fifth act. From the maze of Westmarsh Street to the ancient walls of the fortress of Pandemonius - everywhere you are waiting for fights with hordes of deadly enemies.

New horizons of power
Ruthlessly exterminate legions of demons with new powerful abilities and get new levels - your hero has never been so powerful.

Conquer new game modes
Explore Sanctuary across and in a new adventure mode - the gates of wandering all acts will be open! Such novelties as the system of instructions and nefalemskie portals, will become the key to an endlessly fascinating game.

Get a new rich booty
The updated production system takes Diablo III to a new level. You are waiting for "smart" prey, suitable for your class, new and improved legendary items, as well as the ability to change the properties of objects from the fortuneteller.
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