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After purchase, you get an account with the game Assassin´s Creed Odyssey
Ongoing support and assistance on any issues, regardless of the prescription of purchase.

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About the game:
In Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey for the first time in a series, the player’s choice will be of paramount importance. You can choose a hero at the beginning of the game and then change the world around. Define your destiny yourself by building relationships with colorful characters and making decisions throughout the journey. You will be able to personalize your equipment and hone special skills so that the hero’s abilities are as close as possible to your favorite style of play.
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The best accounts are only with us.

If you have any questions, please do not leave a bad review before contacting the seller

• The language in the game is English.
• Ongoing support and assistance on any issues, regardless of the prescription of purchase.
• Type data: login: password!
• Access to mail - do not provide

17.10.2018 7:16:52
17.10.2018 4:14:25
Сначала были проблемы со входом в аккаунт, но продавец оперативно решил проблему)
15.10.2018 20:21:15
в учётке сменили пароль,продавец не отвечает 2й день!!!говно товар
15.10.2018 10:30:27
аккаунт не работает
написал о проблеме
второй день игнорят
14.10.2018 19:16:21
14.10.2018 14:58:34
Через 5 дней аккаунт перестал работать - пароль не действителен. Продавец не доступен. Разводилово. НЕ работайте с этим Г-ном.
14.10.2018 13:41:01
Be careful people, this guy is just a scammer. The account stopped working 1 week after I bought it, and this little guy right here says that thats not his problem, that the account is only for activation and not for playing in there. If I were you, step away from this seller.
14.10.2018 12:39:26
Awesome seller. I would definitely recommend buying from him. Instructions were easy to follow and everything worked!
13.10.2018 16:27:14
13.10.2018 11:43:22
Аккаунт не рабочий! Жду возврат средств.
12.10.2018 14:33:53
tout fonctionne
12.10.2018 10:55:11
good seller
11.10.2018 22:45:10
The seller is kind
I got the third time an account
I hope to last more than this time
Great Seller!
11.10.2018 13:33:21
all is good
11.10.2018 12:02:58
That was so fast thanks <3 will buy more from you
11.10.2018 0:30:03
Best seller .
10.10.2018 22:13:26
Быстро заменили
10.10.2018 16:45:33
Спасибо!!! все работает !!
10.10.2018 8:45:03
10.10.2018 8:15:07
Good one! Works!

EDIT: The account details are changed, waiting for another account

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