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You buy the official key for the DLC "Total War WARHAMMER 2 Curse of the Vampire Coast".



Attention! To start the game requires the presence of Total War: WARHAMMER II.

Night falls in Lustry. You are standing on the dock, peering into the thickening fog. Listen The jungle behind your back subsides, and there is a strange, smacking sound, as if a rotten rigging is slapping the moldy mast. The sound becomes louder, and soon a growl of dried sips is added to it, leading out to either a sailor’s or a funeral song. The noses of monstrous ships appear from the darkness, and you understand that the stinking winds brought rotting ships of the Vampire Coast to your harbor! Run. Run as fast as you can! For it is impossible to keep this power.

Lord Luthor Garcon first occupied the narrow isthmus on the east coast of Lustria. Since then, there are a lot of walking dead who make forays into the jungle or go to the Great Ocean in pirate raids. But the insane Garkon is not the only inanimate admiral, on whose ships are gathered zombies, guards of the depths, sirens and gloomy ghosts. There are other masters of pirates who have driven the eternal corps to the countless undead and undead.

These cruel sailors have long plowed the oceans, collecting tribute in blood and gold. But now, when the Ultuana Whirlwind is weakening, the captains have few ordinary treasures: the sea keeps a harpoon of star metal, and with this incredible weapon you can subdue even the greatest Mervirma to your will!

The campaign package includes the following:

- 4 new legendary lords - lord of the undead,
- New school of magic: "Wisdom of the depths",
- New game mechanics system in the campaign,
- Unique improved ships for each legendary lord,
- Eight new famous squads,
- A unique technology tree, opening four new Lords of the Vampire Coast,
- The system of naval posts, allowing to encourage undead admirals,
- New squads: lead into battle nightmare creatures of the ocean, underwater creatures with huge claws, ghostly monsters and hordes of zombie pirates, armed with muskets,
- In the campaigns "Center of the whirlwind" and "Empire of mortals" are available new factions of the Vampire Coast. However, they do not participate in the struggle for the Great Whirlwind: they have their own goals and objectives ...


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