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Release date: January 27, 2015
Age Rating: 18+
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland Publishing
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitles)
Activation System: Steam
Region: RU

Attention! To start the game requires the presence of Dying Light.
This pass will open you a lot more interesting! Season Pass for Dying Light includes:
The untold chapter from the life of Kyle Crane and the expanses beyond the walls of Haran. Leave the city and discover rural landscapes with a mass of mysterious characters, deadly weapons and unexpected tasks. Win the trust of the locals and find out the terrible secrets that have been kept for centuries by a strange cult. Drive a fully tunable car, winding zombies on wheels, and enjoy the dashing cruelty of Dying Light.

Time to go on the attack! Enter the stadium, the most famous place in Harran, and you will find yourself in the very center of the massacre. Go alone or team up with other survivors to test your skills in battle with a horde of ruthless mutants. Unlock new skills and become the champion of the Harran Stadium.

Provide your survivor with the best equipment and weapons in Haran - become a ninja, secret agent or city expert. Create four deadly weapons of destruction and take the battles with mutants to a whole new level. Lots of extra materials in one set!

Want more drive? Test your strength in two quarantine zones for the most desperate players. In one of the largest restaurants in Harran and in an abandoned railway depot, hordes of mutants are waiting for you, so you will have to combine your fighting skills with the ability to hide. They say that you can get excellent supplies here - but no one can tell which, because they have not returned from here so far. Maybe you can do it?
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