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Overwatch is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is a multiplayer cooperative shooter using different "heroes", each of which has its own unique abilities and role in the team.


In Overwatch, each character has a unique look and sound, and also has unique abilities. The player is expected by many different heroes: an adventure seeker moving in time, an armored warrior with a rocket hammer, and even an enlightened robot monk. Each of them has a unique style of play, and to unlock their full potential, it is necessary to use all their abilities.
Each character contributes to the common cause - whether it be a fighter on the front line, a defender who harbors allies with an energy shield, or a support hero who makes teammates stronger. The key to victory is to effectively use the abilities of all the characters.

There are three types of roles:

Damage - heroes that cause high damage and deal with targets.
Tank - heroes, characterized by high survival, wear damage reducing armor, the first to go into battle.
Support - heroes that can heal, strengthen and perform other useful tasks.
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