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Here you can purchase a Metro key: Last Light Redux Steam Key for PC. After the first purchase you receive a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.

Immediately after paying for the mail specified when you purchase, you will receive a link where you will be able to access the license key to activate the game.

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Activation: Steam
Platform: PC
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Russian (interface), French, Japanese
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

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After a global catastrophe, people survive at metro stations, which have become a kind of city-state. They make alliances or fight, trying to lead a normal existence.

Metro: Last Light Redux combines the best features of the games - a great storyline (written after the series of the novels “Metro” by Dmitry Glukhovsky), an exciting atmosphere and the most interesting gameplay. Life in the tunnels of the Moscow metro, battles with creepy monsters below and on the surface - players will experience a rich and detailed adventure as the savior of the civilized world.

Reissue of Metro: Last Light Redux has taken another step towards the perfect action. The game received an improved modern graphics engine, and from this graph and physics came close to a new level of realism. Also, new features introduced for the convenience of players.

In the list of innovations and three game modes: new "Survival" and "Spartan", as well as "Ranger" from the addition "Ranger Pack". "Spartan" makes battles more balanced, and "Survival", as the name implies, will force players to desperately fight for life. Those who choose the path of the Ranger will feel themselves in the shoes of the hero, because the interface has become minimalistic, and the battles - more complex.

Metro: Last Light Redux is a great re-release that made the game much better and more modern. So if for some reason you have not played the original or want to refresh your memories, this game is what you need.

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14.08.2019 21:19:57
получил ключ сразу
20.01.2019 20:12:57
20.01.2019 20:12:46
19.01.2019 12:40:46
Все огонь! Хочу подарок)
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15.01.2019 15:19:44
15.01.2019 15:19:42
15.01.2019 15:19:30
15.01.2019 12:23:47
Ключ пришёл моментально, всё активировалось, уже качаю, спасибо продавцу.
14.01.2019 19:49:17
Пришло моментально) спасибо
09.01.2019 17:23:21
Ключ получил мгновенно!
Ожидаю подарок)
07.01.2019 16:34:05
Всё отлично

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